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2023 SYNC Summit

AUGUST 11 - AUGUST 12, 2023

The STRONG Nation™ SYNC Summit

Welcome to the 2023 edition of The STRONG Nation® SYNC Summit. This SYNC-exclusive convention takes place over two full days, from Friday to Saturday, helping you get the most out of this special occasion.

Learn and train with Lead Master Trainer Ai Lee Syarief and the entire team of Master Trainers, plus, pump up your skills through a series of educational sessions and network with SYNC Members from around the globe. You’ll leave this awe-inspiring and action-packed event feeling ready to lead.

REGISTRATION NOTES: You must be a SYNC member at the time of registration to attend the SYNC Summit.

2023 SYNC Summit August 11 - August 12
FRIDAY 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Master Class + Opening Session

Master Class + Opening Session

Presented by Lead Master Trainer Ai Lee Syarief + Master Trainer Umar Syarief + Master Trainer Team

Kick off the SYNC Summit with a heart-pumping hour-long Master Class, including the newest content taught by Ai Lee Syarief and your team of Master Trainers. After the cooldown, get motivated in a session led by CEO Alberto Perlman and the Home Office. We will close with “SYNC members Got Talent”: learn a “kata-like” routine and be part of the filming for SN channels. Be part of a Formation that will be EPIC.

FRIDAY 1:00PM - 4:00PM
A Taste Of CIRCL Mobility™ & Foundational Principles

Presented by CIRCL Mobility™ Co-Creator Ai Lee Syarief

This 3 hour session will take you through an in depth focus on the foundation and application of the CIRCL Mobility™ Program as it applies to you and your students.  You will be led through a series of mobility, flexibility and breathing drills, concentrating on the involvement of your macro and micro movers.  Whether you have already obtained your CIRCL Mobility™ license or you would like to learn more about CIRCL Mobility™ before getting licensed, the information, patterns and creativity presented in this session will empower you, and lead you and your students to the next level of personal betterment.

To best experience CIRCL Mobility™, please bring a towel or floor mat with you.

FRIDAY 5:00PM - 8:00PM

Presented by STRONG Techs Simone Lucchesi + Claudia Roedner + Lucy Barreto

Join this personalized 3.5-hour session of interactive drills designed to improve your form and technique. This hardcore session offers 1-on-1 interaction and personal feedback as you master the latest Quadrant. Learn, be challenged, and leave as a more knowledgeable Instructor.

SATURDAY 7:00AM - 8:00AM
Morning Stretch

Presented by Master Trainer Jennifer Hildebrand

Bring things back to center through a series of moves focusing on flexibility and recovery. This session will stretch out all muscles you have been using during the Summit and get you refreshed and started for the ongoing sessions.

SATURDAY 9:30AM - 12:30PM
Personal Coaching + The Motion of Locomotion

Personal Coaching

Presented by Master Trainer Aurelio Figari + SYNC Member Cat Medina

Learn how to lead + oversee your students in the new STRONG Nation™ Personal Coaching class format. This session will help you understand the difference between Personal Coaching and a STRONG Nation™ class. This will help you, as an instructor, decide when and in which format you choose to teach.

The Motion of Locomotion

Presented by Lead Master Trainer Ai Lee Syarief + Master Trainer George + Master Trainer Umar Syarief

Locomotion is the ability to move from one place to another or your body through space. Learning about the open and closed kinetic chains is useful because both types of movement provide different stimuli to the body. We also need to have sufficient dynamic balance, control of our joint mobility/stability, and the ability to adapt & adjust our movements to the environment.

Let’s explore this and more in this new session only for SYNC Members.

SATURDAY 2:00PM - 5:30PM
Fighting Elements 5.0 + STRONG Nation™ Mini Olympics + Closing Session

Fighting Elements 5.0

Presented by Lead Master Trainer Ai Lee Syarief + Master Trainer Umar Syarief

Your favorite session is going STRONG with another round of Fighting Elements. Expand your knowledge of the techniques used in the martial arts moves at the heart of the STRONG Nation™ program. Focusing on the purpose, execution, and evolution of the moves, work to take your kicks, punches, and footwork to the next level. Bring your own power pose!

STRONG Nation™ Mini Olympics + Closing Session

Presented by Lead Master Trainer Ai Lee Syarief + Master Trainer Umar Syarief and a team of Master Trainers

STRONG GAMES involves athletes completing a variety of intense exercises against others. Grab your SYNC Bestie’s show your strength, power, speed, and energy in this ultimate contest to be the STRONGEST Team!